Blockchain Engineer

Who are we?
We are a team of ambitious professionals with experience in such companies as Glu Mobile. Now we have 60+ team members, who love to play games, not less than create it. We are growing fast and result-oriented.
Our ideal employees are hardworking and self-motivated. Our culture is based on hard work, high responsibility, and always doing the right thing for our community. If this description sounds like a team you'd like to join, keep reading.

Our mission:
We provide the ability for players all over the world to earn cryptocurrencies for a living by playing quality and fun games without downloading content, just by sharing a link to the game with friends in any messenger.

Current Status:
We already have sustainable and reliable financing, and we have a clear roadmap for the next 2 years, which we're implementing step by step. Let's do it together!

What's important to us in general:
● Bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably in Computer Science or other engineering discipline;
● Experience with development and deployment of smart contracts;
● Experience in wallet management (understanding how flow items work with economic effect);
● Experience designing and developing for large, horizontally scalable, high-transaction volume systems.

We are looking for: 2 professionals OR 1 who has all the experience below
  1. Strong background in blockchain _Solana + Rust + Go
Deep knowledge of Solana and Rust (3 year +) AND GO (1 year +)
2. Strong background on backend_EVM blockchains + Solidity + Go
Deep knowledge of Solidity and EVM blockchain (2 year +) and Golang (3 year +)

What would be helpful:
● Experience with Docker, AWS, Terraform;
● Passionate about game and blockchain development;
● Deep knowledge of building Eth & Solana applications at scale.

Our technology stack:
● Backend: AWS, Go, NodeJS (JavaScript/TypeScript), Rust, Solidity
● Frontend: Playcanvas (JavaScript/TypeScript), React.

Personal qualities:
Focus on result, optimism, determination, high work capacity, responsibility, attentiveness, diligence, punctuality and stress tolerance.
Good English (written and spoken).

Responsibilities, what to do:
● Develop and deploy different types of Smart Contracts on Eth & Solana including tokens, marketplaces, escrow contracts and game mechanics; provide the highest level of reliability and security with all contract code thoroughly audited and tested;
● Wallet management;
● Insist on the highest standards of architecture and optimization and think toward the future as you create features for our millions of players;
● Collaborate with design, art, production, and leadership teams to specify and build features and development tools for our games;
● Identify and articulate technical and production risks and obstacles, as well as generate solutions;
● Stay current with latest blockchain developments and best practices;
● Work hard.

Working conditions:
● Prospects for professional and career growth and development;
● Good salary and bonuses in USD and cryptocurrency;
● Full-time, 5/2;
● Distributed around the world team working in the MSK timezone + - 2-3 hours;
●Different variants of registration, possible relocation;
● Friendly young team of well-rounded technical and humanitarian success-oriented people;
●Close-knit team built on the principles of mutual respect and mutual support;
● Democratic leadership and clear communication;
● The opportunity not only to work and earn, but also to learn something new. A balancing rock, also called balanced rock or precarious boulder, is a naturally occurring geological formation featuring a large rock or boulder, sometimes of substantial size, resting on other rocks, bedrock, or on glacial till. Some formations known by this name only appear to be balancing, but are in fact firmly connected to a base rock by a pedestal or stem.

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