React developer

Who are we?

We are a team of ambitious professionals with experience in such companies as Glu Mobile (part of Electronic Arts), Scopely, Lyft,, Wargaming, etc., founded in 2021. Now we have 60+ team members, who love to play games, not less than create it. We are growing fast and result -oriented. Our ideal employees are hardworking and self-motivated. Our culture is based on hard work, high responsibility, and always doing the right thing for our community. If this description sounds like a team you'd like to join, keep reading.

Our mission: We provide the ability for players all over the world to earn cryptocurrencies for a living by playing quality and fun games without downloading content, just by sharing a link to the game with friends in any messenger.

What are we doing? Mini Royale: Nations is a community-owned skill-based shooter set on top of an ever-evolving social strategy game. You can join the game right now - We believe in an open economy, true digital ownership, and most importantly, that "FUN" is valuable.

Current Status: We already have sustainable and reliable financing, and we have a clear roadmap for the next 2 years, which we're implementing step by step. Let's do it together!

What's important to us:
● Experience with React (mandatory);

● Expert knowledge of HTML, CSS;

● Confident knowledge of JavaScript, TypeScrip

What would be helpful:
● Interest in new technologies;

● Experience in the game industry;

● Experience with Next

● Experience with building/using internal ui libraries;

● Personal interest in online gaming, especially large free-to-play MMOs and shooters.

Responsibilities, what to do:
● Setting up interaction with the backend;

● Creating a simple and versatile interface (requires integration with multiple backend services; managing user data/property and a variety of game content: assets, quests, meta data);

● UI customization and development;

● Working on internal projects (like Admin panel) and client-side application (like

● Implement new features, tools and services to support the needs of multiple teams (engineering, art, operations) in developing the project;

● Collaborate with other team members to release quality functionality in a timely manner.

Working conditions:
● Prospects for professional and career growth and development;

● Good salary and bonuses in USD and cryptocurrency;

● Full-time, 5/2;

● Distributed around the world team working in the MSC + - 2-3 hours;

● Different variants of registration, possible relocation;

● Friendly young team of well-rounded technical and humanitarian success-oriented people;

● Close-knit team built on the principles of mutual respect and mutual support;

● Democratic leadership and clear communication;

● The opportunity not only to work and earn, but also to learn something new.

Our technology stack:
● Backend: AWS, Go, NodeJS (JavaScript/TypeScript), Rust, GRPC, GraphQL

● Frontend: React, Next, Webpack, ViteOur technology stack

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